LifeGroups are committed small groups of people  who meet weekly to disciple and encourage each other, live life authentically alongside each other, and care for each other's needs. LifeGroups are the church at work. 

More than just a Bible study, LifeGroups are the core of ministry at FBC. We believe that true connection is vital to the life of a thriving Christian and, without it, the Church isn't operating in its fullest expression. 

LifeGroups at FBC

Frequently asked questions and how to get involved

We place individuals in LifeGroups based on knowledge of open groups, upcoming groups, and the needs of the individual. Filling out the form below will help us know which group might be the best fit.

From study and spiritual disciplines to service and activities, LifeGroups do a wide variety of things together. It's not uncommon to see groups taking off to the mountain together or spending an evening helping other members with a paint project. It's really all in the name! LifeGroups are groups who do life together.  

Great! Please still fill out the form and indicate the leaders of that group. We do our best to place you with those who will be the greatest support and challenge you in your life with Jesus. In order to limit group size, we may ask that you consider joining a new group or starting one with others.

That's just fine! Use the form below to express your desire to learn more. We would love to talk about it! Really, we are pretty passionate about LifeGroups!